About Zobnatica

Zobnatica is leading producer and distributors of blueberry fruit in the region. Our primary objectives are quality and affordability. We grow, source, import and market a wide range of high-quality agricultural products through the use of world-class technology. With the benefit of regional knowledge and expertise, and with strategic investment in modern machinery and specialist training for labour, Zobnatica is increasing output across its farms.

Introducing new technologies and hi skills to create good conditions for healthy business is our key objective. Besides Blueberry we produce Wheat, Corn and other plants.

Currently we have 145 ha of orchar and by the end of 2019 aditional 100 will be build.

Within the company Zobnatica AD, the state-of-the-art technological solutions in production are used, both in crop, vegetable and fruit growing. Blueberry production is a pioneering enterprise in this part of Serbia, in Vojvodina. The first plantation of a high-purity American blueberries is erected on a surface of 100 ha. While this was a major challenge, it also represented the development path for the entire region, due to its high accumulation of knowledge, people and technology, as well as the engagement of the workforce and the employment of a large number of people. Second stage will incrise size to 250 ha.

A completely new sophisticated system for fertigation was built, irrigation is drop system, and the entire plantation is protected by an anti hail network. The production of blueberries is led by highly qualified professional staff picked from all over our country, able to overcome unexpectedly, and accomplish what is most impossible for the majority. All this thanks to the perfect organization and precise planning in order to realize visionary ideas. Blueberry, in addition to its high production value, is also significant as a plant whose fruits are extremely healthy, and are increasingly represented in the diet of a modern man.