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Welcome to Zobnatica

What are we all about ...

Good business

We constantly develop and monitor the market with the latest technologies and regulations, taking care about the environment and our employees.

Qualitie first.

Only healthy berries are placed on the market, and this is ensured by strict quality control of our experts.

Healthy plants

We keep the plants green, healthy and delicious.


Giving plants only  minerals that the they require.

Superb Skills

Well-trained workers and new machines are the key to success and effective work.

About Zobnatica

Zobnatica is the pioneer in serbia by size and volume of blueberry production with current blueberry orhard size of 250 ha. With introducment of latest technologies we can provide for best quaility.

Our Values

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To produce best quality.

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Working with maximal efficency

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To use innovative design.

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Create Healthy plants

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Plan for everything


Our Services

Farm Development

We utilize new technology with a keen focus on detailed farming practices aimed at maximizing production quantity, while also paying attention to getting the best quality produce.

Farm Managment

Managing and using new technologies with continues research and development of our Farms


The key to quality is irrigation, we use drop by drop system for blueberry orchard to make sure that no plant is without water.

With regular irrigation and managing the amount of water we are able to ensure top quality.

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